Stop being rejected by woman

They are too hot…

They are too pampered…

They want more satisfaction…

They are crazy about sex…

Ya, men I am, talking about girls, many women judge men at first time during sex either its kiss or intercourse. If you are not giving her full satisfaction during sex than she refuse you. They also believe in love at first site, and it is true to a degree because “most” females know within the first Instance you doing the pick up if they are going to sleep with you or not.

Keep in mind that some guys are capable of changing the minds of many women if they have guts to do it.

Women often judge to quick if a guy is too good looking or is too confident so periodically you have to watch out for coming off this way. All women want a handsome confident man to sweep them off their feet, but if he appears to have that effect on many women he starts losing points.

REMEMBER: Just because a female wants to go out on a date with you does no mean she won’t reject you. If you don’t rack up enough points (she won’t tell you when your close either) to get her juices flowing – north and south of her border – then you will never know the glory of her garden.

They want real man, who gives him more satisfaction during sex and fulfill her all sexual desire. Women love to laugh and be silly and have fun loving partner. You have to know when to joke and make fun of things and also when to turn it off.

So imagine you have only 30 seconds to impress or get the attention of a female you are attracted to. Think about it,

Stop being rejected by women just do whatever I said:

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