Premature Ejaculation?

Well, a lot has been written about it, as it is one of the most common male sexual problems. Premature Ejaculation – these two words when combined together can destroy your sexual life, So Beware!!!- take it seriously.

Premature in itself means “before right time”, “too early”, “just before climax” and

Ejaculation means – the epitome of a male’s orgasm i.e.: when semen finally is released

from the penis of a male.

So how do these two words combine?

When during a sexual intercourse a man ejaculates before the penetration, or the climax of his better half, leading to mental and physical dis-satisfaction for the both.

Premature ejaculation certainly leads to physical dis-satisfaction for both partners as male tends to run out of steam which finally leads to loosening of erectile capacity of the penis,

While his partner is left wanting for more as she hasn’t reached to her climax.

While premature ejaculation leads to physical dis-satisfaction but it has a more lethal aspect , which is mental trauma that both partners have to go as , a male who is suffering from this problem always bear the guilt of sexual impotency , which finally affects every

aspect of his life in adverse way.

Sexual partners are just like two sides of a coin, so sexual impotency of the male like this

also disturbs the mental state of his partner as , she is not able to enjoy  his sexual life even it is not her fault at all!.

Premature ejaculation leads to depression and distress in males and is a major cause of frustration for their sexual partners due to their un-satisfied needs as explained but it plays a very crucial factor in the pregnancy related matters as this deficiency in the male

erupts the whole process of sexual intercourse which finally leads to pregnancy .

The severity of this problem varies from one male to another, in some cases this problem

persists at very young of a males puberty stage which indicates the high severity of this problem , while in other general cases this problem starts nearly at the age of 40 years or more.

This problem is vastly grabbing up in the young population which in itself is abnormal,

primarily due to high pressure working culture where sex has been deprived from the priority list of the life.

According to various medical studies it has been found that premature ejaculation affects  30 and 70 % of all males and it can strike at any stage of their active sexual life.

Premature ejaculation can strike due to various reasons though most of them are yet to be

scientifically proven ; but yet there are some major concerns and facts related to this problem which as follows :

Anxiety and stress leads to lack of interest in sex in overall way and which ultimately leads to premature ejaculation.

2.   Different social and religious practices which hinders the free flow of sexual ideas

, ideology and thoughts.

3.   Wrong masturbation practices.

4.   Mental state of mind of a person.

5.   Physical fitness level of a male.

6.   Any miss happening or accident which leads to erectile dysfunction.

7.   Low testosterone levels due to various external and internal factors.

8.   Wrong drug treatment and dosage can also act as a very imp. factor.

You don’t need an eagle’s eye to detect this problem in yourself if it persists in you,

as it has very clear and evident symptoms and signs like :

1. Ejaculation before penetration.

2. Ejaculation before the full erection.

3. Ejaculation before the climax of the partner .

4. Low level of erection.

5. General lack of interest in sexual activity.
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