Overcome Your Premature Ejaculation

To Help You Overcome Your Premature Ejaculation

Masters” and “Johnson” Method And The so-called “Squeeze” method

One of the best ways of overcoming premature ejaculation is learning how to recognize and control your own sensations which precede ejaculation.

The Master and Johnson method is not too bad for this. The Master and Johnson method requires a lot of patience and practice, that why you need the Condensed Method to really brings results.

Follow the instructions described below

You can start by masturbating, get yourself close to the point of orgasm, and stop. This will enable you to relax before starting again.

The more often you start again, the more you will be able to bring yourself closer to an orgasm; up to the point where you can no longer control yourself.

A lubricant may help (available in the pharmacy).

Repeating the exercise several times on different occasions will help you to discover your point of no return.

Once you have reached this point, you should be able to ask your partner to stimulate you, to complete the exercise to its full with her/his help and cooperation. The best way of practising this method is to ask your “lover“to participate, although, at the beginning you can do this exercise alone.

For this exercise, you should not penetrate your partner (she masturbates you and you stimulate yourself with fellation) and little by little you reach the point just before ejaculation. At this moment you must indicate to your partner to stop stimulation (at this point you can use the so-called „squeeze“method, see below) and try to diminish the erection a little. Repeat these stages several times so that you become comfortable with them.

You should do this exercise for several days before proceeding to penetration. Once you are ready to go on to the penetration stage, lie on your back and explain to your partner that she should sit on you so that she herself can control the penetration of your penis.

Your partner starts the “coming and going” gently and very slowly, as soon as you feel you have reached the critical point (preferably just before), give her a pre-arranged stop signal; relax so that you can decrease your erection a little. Give a signal to start again, and then if you feel the need to ejaculate, she should bring you to ejaculation, either by hand or mouth.

The « Squeeze » method

The squeeze method is simply a variation of the Masters and Johnson method, except that your partner presses the end of your penis or at its base (crown of the penis), just before the point of no return and thus stops the orgasm.

Pressure on the end of your penis forces the blood to retreat from your penis and reduces your erection.

You can use the “Squeeze” method if the Masters and Johnson does not work for you on its own. You can combine both methods. So, you have learned a little more about how to overcome your premature ejaculation problem.

These two methods are an integral part of the Condensed Method. For some they are successful after a very long work, however, for a large percentage of people these two methods are not sufficient. This means that, to overcome your problem of premature ejaculation, you need other techniques which will enable you to make more rapid progress, on both the psychological and the physiological level.

Those who have benefited from the Condensed Method discover and try out several training techniques which teach them to know their own bodies. And that is the key to learning, successfully, how to stop the ejaculation reflex, without disturbing your partner’s increasing pleasure. Let us not forget that ejaculation is a reflex and it cannot be stopped. Yes, nobody can stop ejaculation once it has started!

Nonetheless, knowing the physiology of your own body will enable you to recognise the start of this reflex, without diminishing your pleasure in making love, on the contrary. You will find several ways in the “Condensed Method”. To overcome your premature ejaculation problem once and for all.

You will also learn how to make love to your partner in a different way, you will make love together.

In other words, you will be at one with your partner.

How to overcome your premature ejaculation problem once and for all.

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