F.A.Q. about penis enlargement and pills

What is the average size of a penis?

After lot of study we may find the most reliable result of average penis size are listed below:

A study published in the September 1996 Journal of Urology that average erect length was 5 inches (12.9 cm.).(Measured by staff).
A USCF study by Wessells et.al. Published in 1996 found an average of 5.1 inches (13.0cm.). (Measured by researchers).
A study by a Brazilian urologist found an average of 5.7 inches (14.5cm.). (measures by researchers)
A German study in1996 also reported on average of 5.7 inches (14.5cm.). (measured by researchers)
A study conducted by Lifestyles condoms during 2001 Spring Break in Cancun found an average of 5.9 inches (15.0cm.). (measured by staff)

Do I REALLY want to enlarge my penis?

This is completely up to you. Ask yourself these simple questions. Are you happy with your girth and length sizes? Are you confident in bed? Are you confident naked?  Is your partner satisfied to you? Are you feeling confident? If not, then it’s your choice if you want to improve yourself and do something about it. If it will make you feel better about yourself then why not just go for it?

Is Penis Enlargement actually possible or is it all a scam?

YES: Penis Enlargement is possible, and the only truly possible way is with some kind of manual exercise with pills. The penis enlargement techniques enlarge your penis effectively and safely, so you can see visible results your very first time.

What is the best penis enlargement method for me?

Whatever penis enlargement method you use, you will only be able to see some result after a couple of weeks or more. But most of men are not willing to wait and to be patient and they want to increase their penis size over night so don’t lose your confidence and motivation.

What is the real effectiveness of vacuum penis pumps, and do they really work?
Vacuum penis pumps force blood in your penis and holds it there for long periods of time. We’ve found these penis pumps to damage your penis more often then helping with sexual issues. You use pills so this will save you a ton of money and potentially some pain and suffering from over pumping which is a very common problem when using penis pumps.

Are the penis enlargement results from these techniques permanent or temporary?
YES: Once you’ve been taking pills regularly than you enlargement gains will last for life because your body will adapt to the new cell sizes and penis length and regular sexual activity will be enough to keep your results. However, we do recommend you to use a maintenance routine to keep your gains as full as possible. Our techniques are very pleasurable and enjoyable to perform so we’re sure this won’t be a problem.

Coming from a small country outside of the US can I expect to have the size of an American man?

There are stories and myths of penis size from around the world. One of the common stories is that men from different cultures or races have penis length differences. This is entirely inaccurate. The most common differences are in length and girth but remember, there are differences in all people in regards to height, weight and appearance.

When should I stop taking Pills?

Whenever you feel comfortable with the way you look just stop taking pills.

When Do I See Results?

To see verifiable results in this Program dealing with size, erection and strength gains, you should set your target of about 4 months. After about 3-4 months if you have regularly taking pills without any gap, you should have a MINIMUM of 1” to 2” inch gain in length and girth. This is just the bare minimum to expect, many, many men see much better results, although a variety of factors play a part in how large you grow. A few factors to keep in mind are your body structure, how much rest you get, if you engage in any other bodily exercise to help keep you healthy, and if you eat right, along with taking vitamins and minerals.

Can pills & liquids really enlarge the penis?

Yes, pills are really enlarging your penis without any side effect. this is great if you are already taking these pills or using a device as they can help speed up your gains, however, on their own the most they will do is help you with erections. Concentrate on the exercises also at first and try the pills if you decide you want gains more quickly.

Are these Guarantee’s legitimate?

Yes. You know where you stand and if the product/website fails to deliver the results you can claim your money back and you lost nothing. If the website looks professional and has a customer support number you can call then it’s probably legitimate, however, for peace of mind you can always call the support number just to check there is a professionally run company behind the product.

My penis as gained 2 inches, I am happy can I Stop now?

It depends, If you have been using weights or pumps in the long term you are likely to lose 0.5 inches off that length. If you are using pills then the best ones have a “cooling down” workout guide which weans you off the program and helps keep the results you have gained permanent.

So will I get a 9 inch?

It is definitely possible but depending on your starting size this could take plenty of time and commitment. The average man usually gains 1-3 inches. Of course there are still men that gain 3 inches and above but you should not aim this high at first.