Don’t be hopeless, If I can than you

I am not looser!

I am not feeling shy!

PE is not big issue for me…

My x girlfriend leaves me because we make love once or twice a week purely by initiation. This was the reason we broke up. After I met another woman and when the first time we made love I was nervous and it was all over very quickly. “Although I have no trouble getting an erection but I feared the PE problem could affect my relationship. I really wish I could enjoy love making a little more, and, more importantly, I want this relationship to work.”

I usually squirted off only few seconds after entering the soft vagina and then lied in shame all night beating my self up.

Not because I came so fast but because I didn’t have the balls to talk about this with anyone or even try to do anything about my problem.

My partner said the problem was ruining our relationship. Not just because neither of us where really sexually satisfied but more because my shame was walling her off.

She was really supporting As soon as we started talking about the problem we both felt better and I actually started to feel the change. I was more relaxed and therefore I managed to last longer than before.

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Not only are the products worthless, much of the information about premature ejaculation is totally contradictious. What one person says works an other claims to make the problem worse.

You have to understand that the problem is not physical but emotional so any desensitize cream or spray to make you feel less sensation is only going to make the problem worse.

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